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Monthly Income

Pre-tax Income (salary):  Dollars
Self-employment Income:  Dollars
Second Job:  Dollars
Dividends:  Dollars
Interest:  Dollars
Pension:  Dollars
Social Security:  Dollars
Rental Income:  Dollars
Child Support, etc.:  Dollars
Other:  Dollars

Monthly Expenses

Car Payment:  Dollars
Furniture Loan:  Dollars
Appliances:  Dollars
Boat or RV Loan:  Dollars
Credit Cards & similar debts:  Dollars
Student Loan:  Dollars
Other Payments:  Dollars

Pre-Qualification Ratio

Choose a ratio: 28/36
The Housing Ratio consists of the monthly housing payment to total gross monthly income ratio. This ratio is used by lenders to determine the maximum monthly payment a lender is likely to allow you to carry based on your income alone. The first ratio is more conservative. The second ratio is more liberal.
Please note that all calculations are estimates. You may qualify for a different monthly payment than the one shown here.
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